David J at Revolver

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DavidJ (1)

Last month Revolver Salon was incredibly blessed to have David J from Love and Rockets and Bauhaus play an invite-only secret show right here in our salon.  It was put together at the last minute the night after he performed a DJ set at Denver’s legendary dance party Lipgloss, and we were ecstatic to offer him a space to play. I first discovered Love and Rockets (and yes also Bauhaus, although I wasn’t as big of a fan.  Maybe Peter Murphy just bugs me?) when I was about 20 and working in record stores, with no idea who I would be or where life would take me. At that time, I couldn’t have imagined I would be a hair stylist, a business owner, an occasionally successful musician, or any of the numerous other things that lead us here to this point. But the 20 year old me quickly became a fan and acquired the full Love and Rockets catalogue, along with most the out of print stuff and some rare vinyl. If someone had told me then that 15 years later I would be the owner of a hair salon that would host a very intimate private show with David J for just me and and handful of close friends, it would have blown my mind in so many different ways.  Here is a short video of him performing No New Tale to Tell. It’s a little dark, just like your goth heart. Enjoy!


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